Blind Spots Leadership Assessment

Blind Spots Leadership Assessment

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I have partnered with a leading U.S. Cognitive Psychologist who has built a great business around leadership behavioural research and testing. Together we offer you The Blind Spots assessment.

When we are in The BlindSpot Zone™, we are largely unaware. We believe our perceptions and interpretation of reality is, in fact, reality. This is not always the case. So often we don't realise this until it is too late. We look back on our decisions and behaviour and think, "I didn't see that coming". Welcome to The BlindSpot Zone™.

Blind spots are those unconscious biases, implicit associations, memory traps and thinking errors that affect our behaviour and decision-making abilities. We all have them. Most of us think we don’t .

 The Blind Spots assessment is a confidential assessment that provides you with a report which identifies and focuses on your PRIMARY leadership style and after doing the assessment you will learn:

  • There is no bad style or better style.
  • Your Blind Spots assessment focuses on your potential blind spots when you are not being mindful (or as we call it, not fully self aware) of how you are showing up.
  • Most people are not just one style. But, "left unaware", they are likely to operate within the style revealed by their assessment results.
  • Blind Spots awareness helps us to build better relationships, ensure better communications and helps you make better choices around your behaviours.
  • You will find your secondary and tertiary styles at the end of your report too.


What is included in the $50?

  • Link to the Blind Spots Leadership Assessment 
  • Assessment results

 Please allow 24 hours for the email with the link to your assessment to arrive in your inbox.

For you to get the best out of your Blind Spots assessment, book a debrief with Jac.

Jac will help you better understand your leadership and relationship development opportunities in a 30 minute coaching session.

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