Executive & Leadership Coaching

“There’s not much I haven’t seen or experienced after 25 years in corporate life… the good, the bad and the very ugly!”

If you, your team members or another individual you know is looking to maximise their leadership impact, transition to a more senior role, enhance the performance of their team and organisation, gain greater confidence and/or navigate different leadership styles and environments, then I can help.  

I offer customised leadership coaching programs tailored to your needs, based on critical issues and your goals which we identify together. Together we will:

 Improve your communication

 Manage difficult people and difficult situations

 Reduce your stress

 Grow your confidence

 Set achievable goals

Having just stepped away from a 25 year corporate career working within various Executive teams across Asia Pacific, I am now leveraging a key strength I brought to my leadership roles; coaching others for successful outcomes.

Using my media, communications and marketing experience, I bring a broader set of competencies to the coaching environment, including setting you up to be a better public speaker, improving your personal brand in different social media channels and essentially providing you with greater thought leadership opportunities.

I coach ‘Rockstars’ from the tech, banking and finance, retail, education and creative industries. After working with me, leaders are more self-aware, better empowered with proven strategies and techniques for dealing with challenges, they learn how to communicate more effectively, improve engagement and connect better with their teams, lift their overall performance and ultimately, become more in control and much happier with their working life.

The cycle of self-reflection, learning and growth never lays dormant in great leaders; nor does having guidance from the right people. I look forward to learning about your career journey and how I can help you reach the potential you already have within you.

“I have learned so much from Jac and achieved the promotion I wanted. Jac was my trusted partner I could share things with and call before a difficult conversation or a big presentation to role-play or talk through. She’s an awesome coach”  Alex.


Organisations I Work With: