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Kicking around Cannes

I always wondered what the fuss was about. And I had preconceived ideas about the real intent. I had heard it was a blend of some ad boys behaving badly, Rosé on tap, big yachts and loads of parties. Oh, and a few awards called Lions being handed out...

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Work's a Game, baby!

Life isn’t easy and our work throws up challenges daily, so the trick to staying happy at work whilst succeeding, is to treat the things you think will be difficult, as Sport… so next time you are entering a work situation (your “court” or “field”) that has you anxious, think how you can turn this into Sport and entertain yourself and potentially your competitors and other spectators :-) 

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How long is too long?

How long is too long? I get asked this question regularly from people I coach. Sometimes they are referring to the current role they are in, sometimes it is the organization they are employed by and sometimes they ask this of the industry they are in.  

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